Spookshow, baby!

To the asshole anon who tried to spoil Game of Thrones for me:

The only reason I won’t publish your question is because I don’t want to spoil the series to everyone else.

Of all the characters you mentioned, I know they die, and I know how they die.

But Jon Snow doesn’t die, you idiot.

I don't understand something about cultural or religious appropriation, would you explain me? It looks like because we are white people we can't follow the culture or religion we want, even if we feel it's where we belong. Like, live and let live? I really don't understand this whole topic and I would really like to feel less comfused

I may not be the best person to discuss this with, but I’ll share my opinion with you.

The main problem is, as far as I’m concerned, the fact that white people judge people of color for doing or wearing certain things, but when THEY do it, it’s considered fashionable and cool. For example, bindis, and headresses (the latter I find particularly infuriating, I mean come on). The problem is, something that has a deep cultural meaning is taken and commercialized as a fashion trend with no respect whatsoever.

I also have a problem with people sexualizing certain cultural things, for example, geishas.

However, I do think people tend to take the cultural or religious appropriation subject waaaaay too serious. Some are literally offended by everything and anything white people do. Personally, I think that’s stupid. Why not share and exchange cultural traditions? I mean, if we were all supposed to stick to our culture, it should apply to ALL aspects (including food and languages). I think that, as long as there is mutual respect, and no double standards, it’s okay.

I know you don't like the appropriation of religions. does that mean you don't think white people should have dreads?

It’s not that I think they shouldn’t have dreads, it’s that I think they look ridiculous. And it’s unfair how white people with dreads are “cool and edgy” while black people with dreads are “scruffy”.